MacGuffin Magazine

Issue 8 - The Rug



Each issue of MacGuffin tells the life of a single object with various anecdotes dabbling across extensive
factual and creative research. A truly deep dive into a single object. 

The ninth instalment in their ongoing series centers on floor covering known as the rug or carpet or mat.
It’s a truly humble piece of flattened material that serves a different purpose all over the world and is
heavily traded as well. Magic carpets, airport carpets and travelling carpets; doormats, tatami mats
and coconut mats; carpets made of brick, concrete and peanut butter are featured with notable focuses
from Pakistan, Palestine, Persia and Poland.

Featuring Hannah Ryggen, Krijn Giezen, Sarah Arnolds, Alice Twemlow, Kayla Mattes, Rachel Dedman,
Alessandra Covini and many many more.

21 x  27.5cm

232 pages