MacGuffin Magazine

 Issue 10 - The Bottle


Each issue of MacGuffin tells the life of a single object with various anecdotes dabbling across extensive
factual and creative research. A truly deep dive into a single object.

The 10th round of the idiosyncratic publication that is Macguffin, the issue features the everyday object we know as a ‘bottle’. Seemingly just as common as the air we breathe, bottles are used to transport, display, and quench our different senses and desires and have a deep history of multipurpose use from all around the world.

“The menu for this festive issue includes a parade of down-market perfumes, messages squeezed into bottles, recipes for the perfect Molotov cocktail, the curated contents of celebrity fridges, the curious colours of centuries-old domestic bottles, the racism rife in the wine business, the salvation sought at AA sessions, and the many marvels awaiting you in the mini-bar.”

Featuring among others Kandace Siobhan Walker, Jacy Topps, José Quintanar, Studio Qiu Yang, AtelierNL, El Ultimo Grito, Emily King, Mirka Laura Severa, Johannes Reponen and an anthology of graphic design talent.

Soft Cover
21 x 28 cm 
224 Pages