Issue 5 - Supernatural


PAN & THE DREAM is an art and style print magazine that invites artists, writers and photographers to share their views on a chosen subject with this season's theme being ‘Supernatural’. Fashion is one of the most simple conduits to access the Supernatural, it is a strong visual, political, and visceral medium that conjures fantasy from the mundane and has continued to root deeper in our everyday life. According to the publisher, the elements of Surrealism, Artifice, Uncanny, and Utopias further contextualize what Supernatural is -
and can be.

“Issue 5 elevates this potential to contemplate the beyond — and presents images and words that show how dress, beauty and art can combine to provide new vistas, at a moment in history when fashion's utopias seem more necessary than ever. If we are confined to home to shelter from a pandemic, we must turn to inner worlds for sustenance. We can escape into lush visions and toy with the uncanny through its pages, transported by a series of commissioned and curated pieces that explore the theme of the supernatural. In this issue, Pan constructs a (mostly) visual world to comfort, tantalise and challenge.”

Contributors include:
Alex Foxton, Billy & Hells, Christina Zimpel, Deborah Turbeville, Elizaveta Porodina, Harry Lambert, Marcia Resnick, Nadav Kander, Polly Borland, Ralph Whitehead, Sayaka Maruyama, Todd Hido, Urs Lüthi and many more.

Soft Cover
32 x 42 cm with 26 expandable posters (42 x 60 cm)