by Erik Lindman & David Schoerner



Erik Lindman is a painter and sculptor from New York known for reusing found leftover materials such as sheet metal,
wax, wood, linen, epoxy, etc. and repurposing them into evocative works of art.

‘PHOTOGRAPHS OF SCULPTURES’ is a photo series documented by David Schoerner, photographer and
founder of Hassla Books. He approaches Erik’s sculptures with a pragmatic analysis and shoots them in a combination of similar shots from different set ups and angles, ultimately unfolding a visual storyline of the
still life works. 

‘[In Schoerner’s photographs] every work consists of three different kinds of objects.
Schoerner photographs one by itself (A), then he photographs it with the next object (AB), and then he
photographs the second object with the third object (BC), going on to repeat the approach so as to capture
every possible combination: ABC, CAB, BCA, ACB, BAC, CBA, etc. In the present photographs Schoerner
approaches Lindman’s sculptures in the same way as the household items he has been photographing: systematically exploring them from every possible position in such a way that immediately reads as
serial and exhaustive… Schoerner’s photographs of Lindman’s sculptures propose a simultaneity that is
implied by the works, but which transcends the ability of any one person to perceive in a single glance.' 

Accompanying text by art critic and historian Alex Bacon.

Softcover Edition of 500
21 x 18 cm

48 pages