POPEYE Magazine

Issue 898 February - Style Sample 2022


Popeye magazine is one of the leading lifestyle publications from Japan that has been running for over 40 years.
Unwavering in it’s pursuit for polishing modern consumer taste buds, Popeye covers fashion, technology, food, music, film,
and much more with a focus on culture through a Japanese lense alongside global anecdotes from members of the industry.

The annual ‘Style Sample’ issue of Popeye returns, jam packed with extensive digs on ‘Style’ from a Japanese and global perspective.

Contents include dedicated features titled ‘Back to Campus! To the birth of Take Ivy’, Everywhere, Every Style, The White Paper of City Boys, Mike Mills and Style Reference, ‘Someone Who Always Looks the Same’, People Who Enjoy Various Clothes, Dressing Free!, and a book in book titled ‘Strategies for Style’ by W. David Marx, author of ‘Ametora’.

Soft Cover
23.7 x 30 cm
154 Pages