POPEYE Magazine

June #890



Popeye magazine is one of the leading lifestyle publications from Japan that has been running for over 40 years.
Unwavering in it’s pursuit for polishing modern consumer taste buds, Popeye covers fashion, technology, food, music, film,
and much more with a focus on culture through a Japanese lense alongside global anecdotes from members of the industry.

“Enjoy Cooking!”

Issue 890 of Popeye Magazine doesn’t just celebrate food, it celebrates the journey of crafting a meal from start to finish. It contains guides to finding the best cooking tutorials from resturants to home, preparing midnight snacks like burgers and creative instant noodels, and of course - mixing the best summer drinks, and so much more for you to read and discover.. 

Soft Cover
23.7 x 30cm
140 Pages