POPEYE Magazine

May #889


Popeye magazine is one of the leading lifestyle publications from Japan that has been running for over 40 years.
Unwavering in it’s pursuit for polishing modern consumer taste buds, Popeye covers fashion, technology, food, music, film,
and much more with a focus on culture through a Japanese lense alongside global anecdotes from members of the industry.

This edition of POPEYE is a special feature on it’s home base of Tokyo, showcasing it’s everyday nuances that ultimately create the culture of life in the city.

The japanese text pages cover different city regions, new stores that recently opened, delicious places to eat, distinct travel routes, and explores reasons that bring us to the places we go in life. The always excellent array of relevant fashion, music, and movie editorials are included throughout the print as well.

“This one book happens to be in Tokyo, but if you read it, you may be curious about the everyday use of your town.”

Soft Cover
23.7 x 30 cm
192 Pages