Erwin Wurm



Best known for his ‘Fat Car’ series and ‘One Minute’ sculptures, Austrian contemporary artist Erwin Wurm’s multi-disciplinary work offers a humorous exploration of sculptural forms. His work varies from small scale pieces to large scale installations and interactive live performances spanning galleries such as the Guggenheim and Tate.

ERWIN WURM PHOTOGRAPHS is a lengthy visual diary and is just as amusing as his physical works. The print showcases roughly 200 photographs from the late 1980s to the present, including original contact sheets and prints from the artist’s personal archive that have never before been shown publicly. In addition, the book examines the artistic process through which Wurm created many of his major works and series, and also features his recent large-format Polaroids.
For Wurm, it is clear that photography is nothing less than a “sculptural” form of expression.

26 x  3 x 21cm

320 pages