Primary Paper

Issue 3 - Environment



Primary Paper Magazine is a new photography magazine exploring the origins of art and image.
Through commission and curation, the magazine collaborates with emerging and established artists to
delve deep on a single theme per issue. This time, the theme is ‘Environment’.
Expect thought provoking visuals and unexpected perspectives.

Primary Paper Magazine Issue 3 - Environment features the work of David Abrahams,
Sergiy Barchuk, Camila Falquez, Ben Grieme, Charlotte Hadden, Morgan Hill-Murphy,
Daniella Rose King, Agnes Lloyd-Platt, Bec Lorrimer, Pat Martin, Mekdela Maskal,
Ronan Mckenzie, Sophie Stafford, Misha Taylor, Sarah van Rij.

23 x 30 x 15 cm

184 pages
Limited Edition of 1000 copies