Silver Magazine

Autumn 2021 - Modern + Craftsmanship


Silver Mag is a relatively new creation helmed by the former editor in chief of the well known GRIND fashion publication.
Silver focuses astutely on style and culture through a Tokyo hued lens with trailblazing editorial content, interviews
and product features.

‘Humans need things that move their hearts. Things that are memorable and respectable.
I want to spend time with things that I can cherish with attachment.’

This issue of Silver Magazine covers the ideals of thoughtful contemporary design and craftsmanship in the creation of an impactful final product. Within the pages include interviews with a handful of accomplished labels - Lemaire, visvim, and Mame Kurogouchi plus additional features on Yoshihito Sakaya of PHAETON, Hermes, MYKITA, Eric Haze, and more.

Soft Cover
23.2 x 30cm
167 Pages