Silver Magazine

Winter 2021-2022 - The Places Worth the Effort


Silver Mag is a relatively new creation helmed by the former editor in chief of the well known GRIND fashion publication.
Silver focuses astutely on style and culture through a Tokyo hued lens with trailblazing editorial content, interviews
and product features.

‘Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experiences wisely’

The latest issue of the peerless SILVER Magazine follows the idea of ‘The Places Worth the Effort’ with a focus on memorable physical areas and spaces across Japan’s cityscape.

Features include ‘Special Places in Fukuoka’, ‘Food for Thought’, ‘Tokyo’s New Taste’, ‘From the Bookstore’ plus numerous fashion editorials and retail shop forays, brand content by C.P. Company, Braindead, etc. and regular columns following trends in art and music.

Soft Cover
23.2 x 30cm
167 Pages