Try Saying You’re Alive!: Kazuki Tomokawa in His Own Words

Kazuki Tomokawa


Kazuki Tomokawa is a prolific, self-taught singer-songwriter who is hugely influential in Japan’s avant-folk music scene notable for his unapologetic and raw vocals and musical styling. He gained popularity swiftly in the underground music and film scene but beyond, Kazuki has experienced life also as a poet, actor, laborer, painter, and basketball coach among other activities, illustrating the disciplined and open-minded spirit of his being.

Originally published in 2015, this is the first English translation of Kazuki’s memoir that was made thanks to Damon Krukowski and Daniel Joseph, both musicians and language experts in their own respective fields.

Kazuki (also known as the ‘Screaming Philosopher’) writes in an eloquently unfiltered manner and contemplates the last six decades of his decisively singular life. The memoir reflects on events throughout history that shaped the timeline leading to the explosive cultural zeitgeist that is postwar Tokyo. This publication is the first translated version of the original print which debuted in 2015.

Published by Blank Forms
14 x 21 cm
200 Pages