‘SN’ #01 


The inaugural issue of UNDERCOVER’s zine created by UNDERCOVER PRODUCTIONS.
Entitled ‘SN’, short for ‘Spiritual Noise’, the print is a deep dive into the eclectic minds of
contributors Jun Takahashi, Ron Morelli, Thom Yorke and more all following the
theme of a ‘Fictional Movie’. Front cover sheet unfolds into a full size poster. 
There are 4 different poster covers.

Size A4 - 21cm * 30cm
128 pages

Jun Takahashi / Katsuhide Morimoto
Will Sweeney / Kaai Tsuji / Ron Morelli
Taro Mizutani / Nanook / Thom Yorke
Frank Lebon /Hiroyuki Ohashi / Flea / Company Matsuo
Ebosi Yuasa / Tetsuya Nagato

Art director:Satoshi Suzuki
Production management:Kurumi Fukutsu