Issue 8 - Titans of Tech



Wallet is a fashion commentary publication dedicated to creating a critical dialogue within the fashion industry.  
Each print explores a different facet of the fashion industry and pushes the discussion forward while
staying concise and compelling.

The profound impact of our technologically advanced and obsessed age is analyzed.
Interviews with Natsai Audrey Chieza (CEO of Faber Futures), Ian Rogers (Chief Digital Officer at LVMH),
and Ying Gao (Namesake label designer and professor) offer distinct insight into how the past, present,
and future of technology is being absorbed into the the fashion industry. 

Visual content by Alexander McQueen, Fecal Matter, Iris van Herpen, Hermés + Apple, Daily Paper,
BLESS, UFG Fashion & Technology, Frederik Heyman, Google We Wear Culture, Hanifa, Shari Michelle,
Nico Verhaegen, Archival Crossing, Issey Miyake, Jade Andrews, Hussein Chalayan, Fredrik Tjærandsen,
Sruli Recht, Thom Browne + Samsung and Neri Oxman.

4.25’’ x 8.75’’
60 pages