Yearbook of Type 2021/22



Slanted Publishers is an internationally active publishing and media house founded in 2014 by Lars Harmsen and Julia Kahl.
The publishing program reflects their own diverse interests, focusing on contemporary design and culture, working closely with editors and authors to produce outstanding publications with meaningful content and high quality.

This publication provides a comprehensive encyclopedic collection of different typefaces that are relevant to this day and age with an overarching theme of music guiding the text.  Within the pages, almost 200 typeface are presented on a double page spread with creative applications on the left and information regarding the designers and foundries on the right. Also included are informational essays that go over history, technical details, usability, significance, current trends, and more in typography. Finally, an online microsite organizes all the featured fonts in the book so that users can test or purchase them if desired.

Hard Cover
16 x 24 x 4.1 cm
464 Pages