Issue 48 - Eyal Weizman



Featuring Eyal Weizman, the latest issue of mono.kultur touches on his research agency Forensic Architecture,
a rare collective of scientists, journalists, architects, and lawyers that are creatively pushing the boundaries of
technology for social well-being rather than personal gain.

Summed up, Forensic Architecture is dedicated to investigating human rights violations around the world.
One notable case is the 2011 police shooting of Mark Duggan where Weizman’s team created a 3D model
based off police and eyewitness reports of the scene ultimately offering an advanced outlook on what
events took place.

The magazine includes an array of projects by Forensic Architecture with in depth explanations and
illustrations. An extensive interview with Weizman includes him talking about obsessing over split seconds, information as a form of power, and the smell of tear gas. 

Interview by Freya Marshall and design by Hui Yeon Hwang.

15x 20cm
44 Pages